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Shahadat Anniversary of Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS) 29th Dhul Qa’dah

Imam Muhammad Taqi (A) was born when his father was 45 years old. Till then Imam Ali ar-Ridha (A) had constantly been taunted that he had no children. When the 9th Imam was born, a brother of Imam Ali Ridha (A) was angry because he would lose out in inheriting the Imam’s property and in his jealousy spread a rumour that Imam Ali Ridha (A) was not the father. He was eventually proved wrong by a person who could tell parentage.

Hilal Statement: Dhul Hijjah 1439AH

The next new moon occurs on Saturday, 11th August, 2018, at 10:58 BST. On this day it cannot be seen with the unaided eye anywhere in the world.
On Sunday, 12th August, 2018, it can easily be seen with the unaided eye in almost the whole world.
For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) expect 1st Dhul Hijjah, 1439AH, to be on Monday, 13th August, 2018.
For Mu’mineen who are “baaqee” on the Taqleed of Marhum Ayatullah Al-Khoe (May Allah Elevate his status), 1st Dhul Hijjah, 1439AH, will also be on Monday, 13th August, 2018.

Upcoming Programmes

  1. Thursday Night Programme 16th August 2018

    August 16 @ 8:00 pm - 9:40 pm
  2. Salaat-ul-Juma

    August 17 @ 1:12 pm - 2:30 pm
  3. Shahadat Day of 5th Imam (A.S) 19th August 2018

    August 19 @ 4:00 pm - 5:10 pm

News and Articles from KSIMK

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