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Inherited Wealth

A friend of mine used to say about the children of rich people born with a silver spoon in mouth and who get a high position due to their family prestige: Some people are lucky right from the womb and they possess a very good fortune.
He thought that good luck depended on riches and luxuries and that a man born rich remains respectable in the eyes of the people for a period of time and that he need not make any effort.

Anecdotes for Reflection: Morals

There are numerous ways for man to achieve guidance and emerge from darkness and move towards light. God, for the prosperity of man and perfection of his morals, has created proofs, evidences and vestiges, so great in number that they are beyond reckoning and computation. For the guidance of mankind, He sent the Prophets with Clear Proofs, Books, Miracles and Signs so that, perhaps, the people might perceive the right path and attain prosperity and success.

It is hoped that the readers, after going through the stories and narratives, reflect upon and take lessons from them so that they are able to create within themselves, a new impetus towards perfection of morals; and God Willing, those who are endowed with laudable morals, should relate them to others, for rectification and remedy of the weaker souls.

Hussain Day and Peace and Humanity Procession

Members are invited to participate in the Peace and Humanity Procession in the name of Imam Hussain (as) InshAllah on Saturday 21st November 2015 at 1.00pm from the Station Square, Central Milton Keynes Railway Station to the The Church of Christ Cornerstone followed by a special programme on Hussain Day with members of other faith communities. The program has been organised by the Interfaith sub Committee of our Jamaat.

KSIMC MK Website

During Ashra e Muharram, we informed you of the launch of the new Jamaat website. It has some very useful information and features which we hope members can benefit from.

Raising Children the Islamic Way: Modelling Appropriate Behaviour

Prophet Muhammad divided the life of a child from the age of infancy to 21 into three stages, each lasting seven years. During the first stage from 0-7 years old, it must be a priority to instil in children the values necessary for a proper upbringing and to work on character building.