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Mubahila: Manifestation of the Truth

The 24th of Zil-Hajj marks the anniversary of the auspicious occasion of Eid-e-Mubahila. This is the day of victory of Muslims over Christians. The event of Mubahila occurred in the 10th of Hijrah.

Filing of Charities Commission Returns

The Annual report, Trustees Report and the Accounts for both the years have now been filed with the Charities Commission and hence we are now fully compliant with all the regulatory requirements of the Charities Commission.

Muharram 1437 Programme

The Muharram 1437 Programme is now available to download. We look forward to your full attendance during this time of commemoration of the Martydom of Sayyidu-Shuhadaa, Imam Hussein (AS) and his noble Family and companions