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Shahadat Anniversary – Imam Musa e Kadhim (A) 25th Rajab

Imam Musal al-Kadhim (A) was such a blessed personality, that whosoever took his name as a wasila, they found that all their Dua were accepted. It is for this reason, that the people of Iraq referred to him as Baabul Hawaaij (The Door at which all their problems were answered). It was widely known that Imam Musa Ibn Ja’afar had been given powers of healing. Once he was passing by a house and heard little children weeping. He enquired as to why they were crying. He was told that they were orphans and their mother had just died and now they had no one to look after them. He went inside the house, made two prostrations and prayed to God for her life. Moments later the woman stood up well and in good health. People who saw this and cried out, “Behold it is Jesus son of Mary.”

Shahadat Anniversary Sayyeda Zainab (AS) 13th Rajab

Sayyeda Zainab (a.s.) was known as ‘Aqeelatu Bani Hashim meaning ‘the most intelligent of the children of Hashim’. It is related that as a child of only five years, Zainab (a.s.) was once sitting on the lap of her father Ali (a.s.). He (a.s.) asked her to say “One” and she repeated, “One”. Thereafter, he (a.s.) asked her to say “Two” but Zainab (a.s.) kept quiet. When her father asked, “Zainab! Why aren’t you saying ‘two’?” She replied, “Once the heart has accepted ‘the One’ (in reference to One God), how can the tongue say ‘two’?”

Wiladat Anniversary Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) 13th Rajab

The Commander of the faithful Ali Ibn Abi Talib was born in the Sacred House of Allah in Mecca on Friday, the thirteenth day of the month of Rajab, thirty years after the Year of the Elephant (c.570). Nobody before or after him has ever been born in the House of God, the Most High. It was a markof him being honored by God, the Most High, may His name be exalted, and of his position being dignified in its greatness.

Wiladat Anniversary of Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad 10th Rajab

The Ninth Infallible Imam, the Greatest Miracle of his age, Imam Muhammad Taqi al-Jawad (A.S.) who enriched and expanded the Islamic thought and Shari’a, was born in the holy city of Madinah on 10th Rajab 195 A.H. Indeed, Imam al-Jawad (A.S.) played his divine role and shared in enriching the scholarly school of Islam during the period of his Imamat, which lasted nearly 17 years.

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